UX case studies

Reciprocity app

This hypothetical app was a project for my professional Certificate in User Experience Design at Southern Methodist University.

You'll see the entire process of my UX design thinking, including:

  • sketching
  • user flows
  • wireframes
  • visual design.

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Arts calendar website

This interaction-based website created in 2009 has stood the test of time because of its thoughtful user experience design.

Like a social network, this site's content comes from its users. An intuitive system for creating profiles, entering events, and searching for performances was essential, or the website would fail.

Six years later and counting, it's still popular with both the performing arts community and the patrons who support them.

I served as the information architect, UI designer, art director, project manager for this project.

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College website

A for-profit college that operates entirely online had better have a good website if it wants to stay in business.

American College of Education offers online graduate degrees for education professionals. I was hired to serve as project manager and creative director for a new 200+ page website.

Our audience was divided into three equally important groups:

  1. current students
  2. faculty & staff
  3. prospective students

My project scope included:

  • Rebranding the college
  • Coordinate the logistical and creative aspects of the website design, development, testing and launch
  • Manage a team of four in-house creatives plus an external web development agency

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Tourism website

The tourism development authority of Brevard and Transylvania County, NC, was seeking to shine the national spotlight on the "Land of Waterfalls."

This area in the mountains of North Carolina has the highest concentration of waterfalls in North America. It's also home to world-class outdoor activities like mountain biking, a vibrant arts and music scene, a farm-to-table restaurant movement, and charming accommodations.

This website integrates a friendly front end design with a dynamic back-end with custom-built interactive databases for multiple users to enter data on accommodations, events, and more.

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